Art…As You Like It

Mommy IS Art!

My little lefty- concentrating s-s-s-s-so much.

Paint as you like it!

Spider…almost ready for red spots!


It’s wonderful when you come across a place that helps you (and your kids) be an active participant in the process of art-work. Being that I love all forms of art (and so do my kiddos), we think it’s more appropriate to call it art-fun! Their exposure to Montessori has instilled in them a love for the process. This is demonstrated as they take their time and have uninterrupted concentration while focusing on one piece of pottery- with such contentment and joy- for an hour. Nishad picked out a little spider to paint ($6.95) and Tiger picked out a snake ($9.95). I went for a small vase ($11.95) in which I painted and then added each of the boys thumb prints around the bottom base of the piece. In total, there were about 7 of us there. K’s sister and her kiddos met up with us. Her girls are pros now! One will be in 1st and the other in 2nd grade, and they were so into the color scheme and patient with their pieces. Both the L’s clearly love art too- so much, Little L made his Mommy a living art exhibit! ha! It’s fun to go as a group, but this is one place that you don’t want to lose track of your kids as the pottery here isn’t cheap. In one week, we’ll go back and pick up our “art-fun!” Nishad is already talking about what he is going to paint there next!

Though this was pottery pre-made, there is a place where you make your own pottery and paint it near Red Wing, Minnesota. I went there on a staff development day while working at a Montessori School–and still have my “art-fun” from the day! The rate for the staff development day was $25 a teacher- and I believe there were about 30 people in attendance. You should have seen all the sorters being created on that day!