Heart like a Wheel.

Heart like a wheel: 6 years, 2 kids, 1 out of state move and 1 in state move later, she runs again! She has been safely tucked away in the third stall of our Otsego house all these years, put on the back burner as so many other things in life take priority. However, after we leased out our house to our tenants, we were motivated not to have ‘her’ towed out, but driven out. That plan didn’t go so well as the fuel line was blocked after all these years of sitting. So, ‘she’ (yes, she) was towed to a shop in St. Paul, placed in trusted- very capable hands. $1400 later, I took my first drive in her in years. Nishad’s last remarks, “Push the medal to the petal, but be careful Momma!” I was 19 years old when my Dad gave her to me. He restored it for me– fastbacks are pretty hard to come by. I see lots of coupes, but fastbacks…and this being the first mustang that came out on the line right from Deerborn, Michigan melts my heart with thoughts of what it means to be American and take part in this special collectors club of car enthusiasts. There is something so awesomely cool about driving a car that is 46 years old! It has withstood the test of time…a much different destiny for the majority of the cars on the road today. So much for “fix or repair daily”… This car has such memories boxed up inside of it. Some of my favorite include my friends Kelly and Jessica… It’s funny when I think about about all the times that I would drive EVERYWHERE in this car, without a cell phone. To Michigan, Southern Illinois, etc… and today…well, I don’t leave my house without my phone to go to the local park. Windows down, shades on, tunes on…life was good~ And, with a certainly little 3 and 5 year old and the love of my life in the passenger seat….life has never been better. Thank you, Ashish, for knowing that this car is pricessless…and for not letting ‘her’ die. Yes, with my Dad owning several classic chevy’s (a 1955 that is a national award winner), I come from a ‘car family’– and I’m proud of it! This seems to be something in my boys DNA as well. 🙂
By the way, “Heart Like a Wheel” is actually a movie I saw about Shirley “Cha-Cha” Muldowney– a female drag racer. I wanted to race like Cha-Cha.

School is Out!

Two of my favorite people at one of our favorite places: Como Zoo!

Tiger will pretty much ride anything Nishad goes on. I can not believe I will have a kiddo in K next Fall!