Reflections on 2010

Lessons Learned, Thoughts Formed…

1. Just because people graduated from h.s., doesn’t mean that they have matured.
2. A degree doesn’t mean your intelligent, it just means you were able to jump through some hoops.
3. Many claim to be Christians, while only few “walk the walk.”
4. Class isn’t associated with money.
5. Parenting is making sacrifices- not just what is convenient.
6. Sometimes it takes a winter storm to remind you of how resilient, strong and alive you are.
7. Love will always prevail- regardless of what religion you subscribe to.
8. Everything is up for interpretation. That’s why you have to be very mindful as to who is doing the interpreting.
9. Those that spend their time dropping names in a conversation are merely trying to over-compensate for all they really lack or have low self esteem.
10. “When you know better, you do better.” Maya Angelou
11. ALL relationships are work: Like a garden, you must care for them, or they are taken over by weeds and wilt and die.
12. While one may call a knot an obstacle to overcome, another may see it as an opportunity, a force, that binds and keeps them closer and more tightly knit.
13. Don’t justify to others why you want to have “family time.” It’s your time…it’s your family.
14. Your significant other is the only one in the world that you can fall asleep next to and wake up next to. No matter how comfortable the sofa is, or how good the program on TV is…nothing is as good as drifting off and waking up next to the one you love.
15. A Husband and Wife with children are the foundation of the family. Take time for one another- you are the glue for the family.
16. Free yourself from family that doesn’t treat you as family– some of the best family comes from others with no relation to DNA.
17. Don’t compare your spouse to other spouses. Instead, remember why you married your spouse.
18. Never give up on yourself.
19. When living on one income by staying at home with your children, remember that what you do doesn’t allow you to punch-in or punch-out. Therefore, remember to take time for you!
20. Exercise your mind…daily.
21. Be an advocate for something OTHER than what just benefits YOU.
22. Never, ever let anyone steal your sunshine…Haven’t you heard? You need all the vitamin D you can get.
23. Try at least one new dish or appetizer each month. I was shocked that the Buffalo Shrimp at Charlie’s Grille would create such a lively party in my mouth!
24. Keep Moving Forward…even when it hurts. Especially when it hurts.
25. Software and Technology is only as good as the people that operate it– that have the vision for creating things with it. Just like a camera…It’s not the camera that takes pictures, it’s the photographer behind the lens that gives life to the photo and adds perspective.
26. Some of my favorite stories, have no words.
27. Two small jumps are sometimes better than one giant leap.
28. Kids don’t always listen, but they do imitate.
29. Supply isn’t the issue with world hunger- It’s Access!
30. By making yourself happy, you may take the risk of making others not happy with you. Find a place in your soul to know that by staying true and honest with yourself, it’s okay if others are not always happy with you.
31. It doesn’t matter when you start, it matters THAT YOU START!
32. It doesn’t matter when you finish, it matters THAT YOU DID IT!
33. Even the simplest of dinners tastes great when you are in the company of those you care about.
34. True Friendship adds to the quality of both of parties lives.
35. You don’t just have one chance to fulfill a dream…you have several. Every time you wake up, it’s a new day. A clean slate…an opportunity for greatness!
36. Life isn’t defined by the BIG glorious events or occasions, but rather by every day occurrences that create memories to build on.

Art Teacher or Pastry Chef?

On day 3 of the kids being home on winter break it occurred to me that I should have been an art teacher or a pastry chef. Well, maybe I am…just for a select few. 🙂 Not bad for a 3 year old! I think it looks like an eagle. Ashish said it looks like two bears hugging (yes, it shocked me too that I was out ‘imagined’ by Ashish)…
Oh how we LOVE Micheal’s Craft Store! Stickers normally $8 were on sale for $4! Needless to say, we stocked up and Nishad was in heaven!

Our Winter Solstice Display by Nishad and Tiger.

We were able to squeeze in some more baking today too! Sugar cookies and Ginger Bread People! This is my “Entertainer” cookie.
I guess you could say that day 3 was a pretty sweet day!

Depot Hotel

Soaking up all that there is to Explore!

Ashish and I always include our boys on vacations and “get-a-ways.” So, we are always on the look out for something unique that offers something that everyone will enjoy. In the past, it’s been our annual tradition to stay overnight at the Hyatt in Minneapolis to watch the Hollidazzle parade. We dine on amazing Indian food via carry-out and eat breakfast at the Newsroom in the morning. This year, we had company for Thanksgiving, so we altered our plans a bit. By doing so we found “the” hotel of Minneapolis! The Renaissance Hotel at the Depot is nothing other than amazing! Included with our room was underground parking in a heated garage, 4 water park passes, 25% off admission and rentals at the skating rink and breakfast…not to mention a beautiful room. The hotel is shaped in a U. The water park is on one side and on the opposite side is the skating rink. Charlie’s Grille, the on site restaurant was a pleasant surprise! As a matter of fact, it was SO GOOD that we ate lunch, dinner and breakfast there! The way that the hotel is laid out, you don’t even need to venture outdoors! YAY! This is EXACTLY what we needed as it was FREEZING outside and we, nor the kids wanted to do anything other than soak in all the hotel had to offer.

The Hotel
Modern, yet furnished with historic pictures and LOTS of museum quality artifacts of trains. Our boys LOVED seeing all the different pictures of the trains from the posters to the black and white photos placed throughout the entire hotel. The artifacts are really a secret gem! It’s almost like visiting a museum…that’s how well researched and designed each display is! The rooms are comfy and very clean- We were on the 3rd floor with a ‘historic view.’

The Water park
One of the best we have ever taken the kids to! I never liked big, overwhelming water parks because our boys are only 3 and 5…so, with safety and sanity in mind, we avoid the larger parks. Who wants to be overwhelmed and overstimulated when your intention is to relax, right? Right! The kids were SO EXCITED when they saw the big, bright choochoo themed water park that was PERFECT for their ages! The only time where Tiger would get a little apprehensive was when the train let out a roar and overflowed with pressured water at full speed. Another perk, is as a hotel guest, they keep your name on file so you can come back the following morning and play all you like.

The Skating Rink
Nishad was SO thrilled to skate for the first time. I can’t picture a better place to have that first experience. The indoor skating rink made for a perfect setting for fun under the Minneapolis skyline! The walls are glass windows…pretty neat! We arrived there around 7:15p.m., and it wasn’t terribly busy…it seemed active and lively, but not over-crowded.

The Grille
Often hotel food lacks- lets face it. However, this was fabulous (or else we wouldn’t have eaten here 3 times!). For lunch I ordered a turkey burger that in turn made Ashish jealous. I was in 7th Heaven and after I finished I was told it’s what all the locals stop in for. Yes, it’s that good! For dinner, we had quite the feast! We started with the chicken nacho platter (YUM), and were given a complimentary buffalo Tiger shrimp appetizer (AMAZING!!). We ordered a blue cheese pizza and a regular cheese pizza…some of the best pizza I’ve tasted in this state! Along with our food, Ashish and I decided to try a “beer flight.” I’m not really a fan of beer, but this was quite the experience! Six, 5oz. local beers…I’m suddenly craving a pale ale!

All in all, a trip well worth it! Memorable and classic with a twist of fun for all!


Here’s to another 70 years, Honey! Happy Anniversary!

US Pride

A year ago today…Ashish became a United States Citizen! How.Time.Flies. Since then he’s voted in two elections. While many of us take for granted the birth rights of being a citizen of this country, there are many that tirelessly work toward achieving the “American Dream” — which includes being a citizen of this country and all of the privileges and responsibilities that come along with it. That’s right…responsibilities. Some fail to uphold those responsibilities. However, others like Ashish…make up for their absence by being a productive member of society…and then some! We’re so proud of you, “Daddy!”


This year we are embracing winter more– perhaps it is because we have a snow blower? YAY! Not that I didn’t enjoy shoveling…and we’ve been lucky that we have some great neighbors that have bailed us out, but seriously…it makes living in Minnesota a lot less stressful!

No, that’s not the surface of Mars- that is the side of our house after the Blizzard! We had a total of about 7-8 inches. Our 2nd storm of the season…and it’s not even offically Winter.