Spring in Feb

Seriously…who couldn’t use a little “Spring” in the middle of winter? Tiger and I feasted with our eyes upon the vibrant colors! The air was fragrant with the sweetest of lilies and azaleas. It gave me a sense of hope that Spring…new beginnings…was soon on it’s way. Well, at least in another 4 months for those of us that live in Minnesota. If only there were 6 weeks of winter left! Mr. Groundhog, perhaps that is true for the rest of the country. However, it’s not true here. It’s not that it’s been a particularly cold winter, but it’s been a long winter. Our first snow was October 13th. Things can always be worse- and as I’ve learned, much, much colder. So, I shall remove myself from my soap box. What a great treat the Como Conservatory blesses us with! Tiger and I enjoyed some one-on-one time here today for lunch, a visit to the animals and lots of hugs and kisses!

A fairy landed just in time for me to snap a picture.

A little curtsy before the Queen.

Little Gymnast

Happy as can be with a spring in his step- Nishad loves gymnastics. He’s already swinging around on the bars (spotted) and completes his pass on the high beam unassisted. He’s set to go, enrolled in the next session until Spring. It certainly keeps him busy, and us on our toes. He likes swim class as well, which, regardless, living in a state that as so much water, it’s necessary that he learn. So, it’s a good thing that he enjoys it. In the last few weeks, he’s shown a desire to learn to ice skate so he can play hockey. He’s not even started his “official” pre-school year, and he’s busy, busy, busy!